United Kingdom climate governance acronyms

To be completely clear – this is me writing in a personal capacity. My opinions (hopefully backed up with evidence, and flagged when controversial/later-turn-out-not-to-have-evidence-in-support), not me speaking on behalf of any organisation. I have tried to keep the snark to a minimum, but I don’t always hit what I am aiming at…

BAT  best available technology

BCA border carbon adjustment

BEIS – Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (govn dept, as of 2016)

CCA – Climate Change Act (2008). A very Big Deal, though not always the game changer it is painted (see Lockwood, 2021)

CCC – Committee on Climate Change Independent (or extra-Parliamentary?) committee set up as part of the CCA. Provides the carbon budgets…

CCL – Climate Change Levy One of those market-based wheezes so popular as a NEPI 20ish years ago. (See Seely, 2009)

CCS – Carbon Capture and Storage See also CCUS and fantasy technologies

DECC – Department of Energy and Climate Change

DTI – Department of Trade and Industry (RIP DTI LL BEIS)

ECCCC House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee

EII Energy Intensive Industry

ENRI Energy Natural Resources Industry

ETS – Emissions Trading Scheme

EU– European Union

HMG – Her Majesty’s Government

IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Intergovernmental, not international: that matters. See Lucas 2021 on this stuff…

LCIS – Low Carbon Industrial Strategy

LCTP – Low Carbon Transition Plan (July 2009)

NEPI – New Economic Policy Instruments

NTAPPG Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group

NTSG Net Zero Scrutiny Group

UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

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