Policy control

Policy control is also a driver of incumbent power. There has been very strong political opposition in Australia in any public policy attempt to stop the use of coal so as to reduce carbon emissions [9]. This is in strong resonance with the position taken by the Federal Labor Government, expressed by Energy Minister Martin Ferguson who sees carbon capture and sequestration as important in extending the viability of coal industry. This support for fossil fuels and modest gestures to renewable development is argued by Falk and Settle [9] as politically acceptable while less- ening the government effort to reduce energy consumption.

(Effendi and Courvisanos, 2012: 249)

Effendi, P. and Courvisanos, J. 2012. Political aspects of innovation: Examining renewable energy in Australia. Renewable Energy, Vo 38, pp.245-252.

compare policy monopoly of PE, I suppose!!

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