Books into the house 2020

So, here is a table of all the books that enter the house (from me – The Amazing Doctor Wifey is another story) as purchases, gifts or review copies (library books not included).

Title and Author




Reviewed (link)


Review for MCFly

November 2019 yes

Earth Emotions

Review for ?

December 2019

Energy Fables

Review for Envpol

December 2019

Transport book

Review for EnvPol

December 208

The Swan Book by Alexis Wright

For CEM reading group 2nd January 2020


For CEM reading group 2nd January 2020

The Fifth Horseman by Walter Harris

Article about eco-disaster/thrillers 3rd January

Hollow Target by Paul Bryers

Article about eco-disaster/thrillers 4th January

Stealing Time by Nicky Edwards

Likely to just be a brilliant book… 4th January

Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion


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