Innovation terminology

Innovation is one of those motherhood terms – who could possibly be against it.  Also, it seems to breed multiple labels for what is essentially the same “thing.”  Check out my blog post on “Concept Fetishism“.  Here’s an alphabetical list, fwiw.  Comments welcome, especially on what is missing and what is essentially duplication and just different people pissing on the same lamp-post.

Absorptive capacity

Absorptive capacity, Demand-pull

Absorptive capacity, Potential

Absorptive capacity, Realized

Absorptive capacity, Relative

Absorptive capacity, Science-push


Adaptive capacity


Agency, distributed

Agency, embedded

Ambidextrous organisations


Announcement Effect

Applied research

Architectural innovation

Assets – complementary

Assets, co-specialised

Assets – fixed

Assets – generic

Assets – liquid

Assets -specialised

Assets – stranded

Assets – sweated

Attackers’ Advantage

Basic research

Breakthrough innovation

Bohemias (as niches)

Bootleg innovation

Boundary conditions

Boundary organisations

Boundary spanners

Boundary work

Branching innovation


Bricolage (see also recombinant innovation)

Bridging Markets

Business cycles

Business model innovation

Capability – assimilation

Capability – expoloitation

Capability- knowledge acquisition

Capability – transformation

Capability evolution  (a reconfiguration mechanism)

Capabilities, dynamic

Capabilities, operational

Capabilities push

Capability substitution  (a reconfiguration mechanism)

Capability transformation  (a reconfiguration mechanism)

Capacity factors

Capacity-enhancing innovations

Capacity-destroying innovations

Capital, Finance

Capital, human

Capital investment

Capital, seed

Capital, Venture


Challenge-driven innovation

Closed innovation


Cognitive distance

Cognitive legitimacy

Combinative capabilities

Combinatorial innovation

Common innovation

Competence-destroying innovation

Competence-enhancing innovation

Competence-expanding innovation

Competence Trap

Competencies, core

Continuous Innovation

Core competencies

Core rigidities

Corporate social innovation

Costs, bargaining see also

Costs, policing and enforcement see also

Costs, search and information see also

Costs, switching

Cost, opportunity

Costs, transaction

Cost curve

Creative accumulation

Creative destruction


Cumulative innovation

Decisive demonstration

Demand-pull (see also “technology-push”)

Demand-pull absorptive capacity

Derivative Innovation


Developmental state


Discontinuous Innovation

Disruptive innovation

Distributed innovation

Dominant design

Dynamic Capabilities

Early adopters

Ecological Modernisation


Eco-innovation, incremental

Eco-innovation, radical

Economies of Scale 

Elevator pitch

Embedded agency

Emergent industry

Emergent Innovation 


Entrepreneurship, institutional


Environmental Innovation Strategies

Evasive Innovation

Evolutionary Innovation

Expectation management

Experience curve




Externality, inframarginal

Externality, negative

Externality, positional

Externality, positive

Externality, technological

Firm entry

Finance Capital

First mover advantage

Focusing events


Free-rider problem

Frugal innovation

Fundamental Innovation

Global Production Networks

Global Value Chains

Grid parity

Hedging strategy

Hidden Developmental State

Human Capital

Hype Cycles

Impact Science

Inclusive innovation

Incremental eco-innovation

Incremental innovation


Incumbent-challenger dynamics (ICD)

Incumbent’s curse

Industry architecture

Industry-level attention

Industry participants

Inframarginal externality


Innovation, architectural

Innovation, bootleg

Innovation, branching

Innovation, breakthrough

Innovation, business model

Innovation Chain

Innovation, challenge driven

Innovation, closed

Innovation clusters

Innovation, combinatorial

Innovation, common

Innovation, competence-destroying

Innovation, competence-enhancing

Innovation, competence-expanding

Innovation, continuous

Innovation, corporate social

Innovation, cumulative

Innovation, derivative

Innovation, discontinuous

Innovation, disruptive

Innovation, distributed

Innovation, eco-

Innovation effect

Innovation effort

Innovation, emergent

Innovation, evasive

Innovation, evolutionary

Innovation, frugal

Innovation, fundamental

Innovation, identity-challenging

Innovation, identity-sustaining

Innovation, inclusive

Innovation, incremental

Innovation, innovative

Innovation, integrated

Innovation Management

Innovation, mass

Innovation, national systems of

Innovation, non-technological

Innovation, normative

Innovation, open

Innovation, outside

Innovation, platform

Innovation, process

Innovation, product

Innovation, radical

Innovation, recombinant

Innovation, responsible

Innovation, reverse

Innovation, service

Innovation, service-logic

Innovation, social

Innovation, spontaneous

Innovation, strategic

Innovation strategies

Innovation Studies

Innovation, sustainable

Innovation systems

Innovation, technological

Innovation, user

Innovation, value

Innovation, Variation

Institutional entrepreneurship

Institutional shifts

Integrated innovation

Intellectual property

Inter-firm alliances

Investment, capital

Investment, learning

Investment, return on

Jevons’ Paradox

Joy’s Law


Kondratiev waves

Knowledge development

Knowledge management

Knowledge spillover




Learning curve

Learning, experience-based

Learning investment

Learning networks

Learning rate

Learning spaces

Legacy systems


Legitimation, cultural

Legitimation, cognitive

Legitimation, normative

Legitimation, socio-political

Legitimation, regulatory

Liability of Newness

Linear model of innovation

Lock-in (compare Path Dependency)

Long Wave theory

Market creation (see market formation)

Market failure

Market formation (see market creation)

Market window

Market, bridging

Market, mass



Market transformation

Mass Innovation

Mental maps


Minimum Efficient Scale

Model of innovation, linear

Model of innovation, systemic

National Systems of Innovation

Negative externality


Networks, learning

Newness, liability of

Niche construction


Non-technological innovation

Normative innovation

Nursing Markets

Open Innovation  (Motherhood and apple-pie adjectives)

Open Sustainability innovation

Operational Capabilities

Opportunity cost

Outside Innovation


Path creation

Path Dependency

Peak of inflated expectations

Performance overshooting

Peter Principle

Plateau of productivity (hype cycles)

Platform innovation

Political Aspects of Innovation

Porter Hypothesis

Positional externality

Positive externality

Post-normal science

Potential absorptive capacity

Presumptive Anomaly

Problems, super-wicked

Problems, wicked

Process innovation

Process management

Product innovation

Production science

Proof of concept

Protected spaces

Protective space

Public good

Punctuated Equilibrium

Pure research – see basic research

Radical eco-innovation

Radical Innovation

Realized absorptive capacity

Recombinant Innovation

Reconfiguration mechanisms  (capability substitution, capability evolution and capability transformation)

Red Queen effect


Regulatory capture

Regulator credibility

Regulatory science

Regulatory state

Relative Absorptive Capacity

Rent seeking

Research, applied

Research, basic

Research, pure

Research and Development

Response capacity

Responsible Innovation   (Motherhood and apple-pie adjectives)

Return on investment

Reverse Engineering

Reverse innovation

Reverse salients

Rigidities, Core

Sailing ship effect

Science, impact

Science, post-normal

Science, production

Science-push absorptive capacity

Science, regulatory

Seed capital


Service innovation

Service-logic innovation


Slope of Enlightenment

Social Innovation (radical, transformative)

Sociology of Expectations

Socio-political legitimation

Spontaneous innovation


State, developmentalist 

State, hidden developmentalist

State, regulatory

Stop-and-go funding

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Niche Management

Supply chains

Sustainable innovation

Swing producer

Switching costs

Systemic model of innovation

Technology appraisal

Technological affordances

Technological determinism

Technological discontinuities

Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation System

Technology-forcing policy


Technology readiness level

Technology-specific advocacy coalitions (compare instrument constituencies)

Technology trigger

Technological externality



Trading zone

Transaction costs

Transformational experience


Transilience Index

Trough of Disappointment (compare Slough of despond!)

Uncanny valley

Unintended consequences

Unit cost

User innovation

Valley of Death

Valley of Obsolescence

Value chain

Value drain

Value innovation

Value leak

Value networks

Variation innovation

Vendor lock-in

Venture Capital

Vested interests

Veto power

Weitzman’s maximum likelihood procedure

White elephant

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