Climate Activism from 2002…

Last week I put up a leaflet from November 2000, with activists from Rising Tide trying to explain what was at stake around COP6, in the Netherlands. Well, I've just stumbled on a copy of an Earth First! Action Update from 2002. Here below are the first two pages. Btw, gee, it turns out the... Continue Reading →

Rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, or clearing the decks for action?  Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle and its energy/environment policy implications

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has reshuffled his cabinet and split the business energy and industrial strategy department in two. What does all this mean? Is it window dressing and intra-government manoeuvring or a necessary reset? Marc Hudson investigates.  BEIS is dead! Long live the EsNZ! In an announcement on Tuesday, Rishi Sunak, currently the... Continue Reading →

Hibernation review

I wanted to like this. I wanted to be able to say “new play”…”climate change”…”thought-provoking” … “go see.” But although “Hibernation” – set in a future where to buy us more time to sort out the climate crisis, almost all the humans on earth are put into a year-long coma - is well-staged and very... Continue Reading →

Thelma and Louise and Australian COVID & Climate Responses, via Donald Horne

Just under thirty years ago, about 100m from where I am right now, I saw the wonderful Thelma and Louise. There's a short clip that stayed with me that I think we need to remember. Well, I was watching Insiders (Sunday morning current affairs, mix of interviews, humour, panellists, on the national broadcaster ABC)... Continue Reading →

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