Combinative capabilities

… the essence of organizational capability is the integration of individuals specialized knowledge.   Consequently the proponents of this approach concentrate on the ‘combinative capabilities’ (Kogut and Zander, 1992) that come into operation within organizations. (Kieser and Koch, 2002: 247)

Kieser, A. and Koch, U. 2002. Organizational learning through rule adaptation: from the behavioral theory to transactive organizational learning.  In Augier, March and Cyert (eds)  The Economics of Choice, Change and Organization.  Cheltenham: Elgar. Page 237-258.

citing –

Kogut, B. and Zander, U. 1992. Knowledge of the firm, combinative capabilities, and the replication of technology. Organization Science, Vol. 3, pp. 383-97.

To read:

Gebauer, H. Worch, H and Truffer, B. 2012. Absorptive capacity, learning processes and combinative capabilities as determinants of strategic innovation. European Management Journal, Vol. 30, pp.57-73.

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