Mundane epiphany #94 on the thesis

I am walking around the park pretty much every morning now, with my backpack (weights, books) and journal articles in hand. And things are coming together on this (though they probably could have earlier. So it goes).   And two mundane epiphanies that will mean nothing to anyone except me and my supervisors (who I assume... Continue Reading →

All in the game, you feel me?! Academia and The Wire.

Come hell or high water, this is getting cited in The Thesis. Zundel, M., Holt, R., & Cornelissen, J. (2012). Institutional work in The Wire: An ethological investigation of flexibility in organizational adaptation. Journal of Management Inquiry, doi:10.1177/1056492612440045 Analysis of institutional work is habitually complicated by the need to combine agentic and structural features. Drawing... Continue Reading →

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