Mundane epiphany #94 on the thesis

I am walking around the park pretty much every morning now, with my backpack (weights, books) and journal articles in hand.

And things are coming together on this (though they probably could have earlier. So it goes).   And two mundane epiphanies that will mean nothing to anyone except me and my supervisors (who I assume do not read this blog).

a) this thesis is simply an investigation of collective contrapreneurship at the field-level, distributed maintenance work with a dash of ‘creative’ and defensive’  (trust me, this does actually make sense).

b) policy entrepreneurship in the Multiple Streams Approach is simply institutional work based only/primarily the regulative pillar of a field. Institutional entrepreneurship is work on the normative and cultural-cognitive pillars (Scott, 2005) (as well as the regulative one).  These aren’t much on display in the first two windows I look at, but become A Thing (as the young people say) in the third and fourth windows.

c) maintenance/defensive work is just trying to shore up the (one or more of the) three pillars of an institutional logic/set of institutional logics.

d) my theatres of power triangles could usefully be configured in terms of convening and partaking and collective entrepreneurial/contrapreneurial work within a field, with sub-fields interacting…

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  1. re: “contrapeneurship” Google is being really pushy: ” Did you mean: “intrapreneurship”. Just 83 results?! Probably a positive feedback indicator that you’re out on a leading edge… hopefully not out on a limb? wink, wink… 😉 Ok… just kiddin’ ya’

  2. OTOH, Google says you’re full of it: ‘Showing results for “collective entrepreneurship”
    No results found for “collective contrapreneurship”‘

      1. I’ll grant you, I will be impressed if you can come up with something smooth for this mouthful: ‘collective contrapreneurship’. FWIW, I’ll also grant you this…this afternoon as I reflected on it, it does in fact encompass the gamut of the fossil fuel incumbents and their political and media cheerleaders here in oilsands/tarsands land. Once before, I felt like kind of a member of a minority view in the 90s as a wilderness advocate… but I think I now, b/c of the intense lobbying for another oilsands pipeline, have a taste of actual minority reality, a little of what it probably feels like to be a historically marginalized minority, e.g. indigenous folks or LGBQT, etc.

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