Neil Lawrence

did the newgen coal campaign in 2008

did the bhp campaign resourcing the future in 2008

Australia’s biggest company, BHP Billiton had not engaged in communications to the general public for many years when they approached Lawrence Creative Strategy for communications advice.

At the time, Marius Kloppers had been appointed CEO, the rapid growth of China had led to growing demand for resources, and BHP Billiton was the ‘Official Diversified Minerals and Medals Sponsor’ of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It was time to refine BHP Billiton’s branding to communicate who they are and – globally – what they do.

LCS developed the company’s new positioning statement, “Resourcing the Future,” launching it with a creative campaign to communicate the BHP Billiton story. Devising the strategy required a thorough understanding of specialised groups from Europe, China, Australia and America which ranged from investment bankers, Government Committees, unions, environmental groups and ‘Mum and Dad’ investors. The campaign included an internal launch, website enhancements, and an extensive print and online advertising campaign in Australia and China to communicate BHP Billiton’s sponsorship role in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

did the cut emissions not jobs in late 2009

did the keep mining strong in 2010

did the Mining. This is Our Story. in 2011

Elliott, G. Tasker, SJ, Canning, S. 2010. Kevin 07 adman joins big miners’ fight. The Australian, 21 May p.6.

Knott –

“I didn’t like the suggestion that there are a small number of rich fat mining magnates who are ripping off Australians and sending most of the profits overseas … I found that inaccurate, misleading 1970s Trot-style thinking,” he says. “They demonised the industry and tried to play the xenophobic card.”

Knott, M. 2011. The man who killed Rudd’s mining tax. Business Spectator, 29 November.

[by then he had already done the newgen and cut emissions not jobs campaigns, of course]


died in 2015  Anon. 2015. Top Australian creative director Neil Lawrence dies while on surfing holiday in the Maldives, 15 July.


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