Publish? Perish the thought!

There was a rather good advice session on Monday.  It was on getting books and articles published. The book bit was amusing – we were given a (made-up) example of how NOT to do it and then some solid advice and warnings. Don't, when approaching a publisher (and do some research and personalising of any... Continue Reading →

Of shopping and climate science…

My supervisors say I should focus.  The wife says I should focus.  If the cat could talk, it would tell me to focus (on it).  At least two of them are right… Anyhows.. about the birth of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change… By the mid 80s, scientists were getting more and more sure –... Continue Reading →

On “Open Space” and tosspots…

Marc Hudson has been to one too many event that describes itself as “open space”. The fightback starts here.[Update: here's how he'd have done it] The Evil Corporations and their Evil State lackeys are trying to defeat us!! They constantly steal our ideas, water them down, and then use them to sell their own very... Continue Reading →

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