‘Treasury Control’ and the British Environmental State: The Political Economy of Green Development Strategy in UK Central Government

This was damned good Craig, M. 2020. ‘Treasury Control’ and the British Environmental State: The Political Economy of Green Development Strategy in UK Central Government New Political Economy. 25 (1) https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13563467.2018.1526269  As the epigram wants you to understand, this is not new.  “Treasury control is something that you live under, that you suffer from, that you profit by; and... Continue Reading →

“Designing industrial strategy for a low carbon transformation”

Busch, J, Foxon, T. and Taylor, P. 2018. Designing industrial strategy for a low carbon transformation, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 29 (2018) 114–125, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eist.2018.07.005 Much meaty goodness in this comprehensive overview of green industrial policy and the literature around it... The authors "draw on and combine insights from neo-Schumpeterian (evolutionary) and ecological economics perspectives to... Continue Reading →

“The innovation and industry dynamics of technology phase-out in sustainability transitions: Insights from diversifying petroleum technology suppliers in Norway”

Another absolutely brilliant article, with serious conceptual chops. A thickening/broadening of TIS, forcing you to think more "within" a sector, seeing the different ways a mature/declining sector might go (or rather, actors within it might go - a real Theseus' ship situation there...) Andersen, A. and Gulbrandsen, M. 2020. The innovation and industry dynamics of... Continue Reading →

“Incumbent actors as niche agents”

Späth, P., Rohracher, H., and von Radecki, A., 2016. Incumbent actors as niche agents: the German car industry and the taming of the “Stuttgart E-mobility region”. Sustainability, 8 (3), 252. doi:10.3390/su8030252      I read this for more on the "how incumbents behave" question, and it didn't disappoint. As folks (including in articles I've read this month)... Continue Reading →

Article 20 of 20 – “The green state and industrial decarbonnisation”

Another excellent read in what is CLEARLY the best journal, or at least, the one with the most brilliant, charismatic and downright amazing social media editor... Hildingsson, R., Annica Kronsell & Jamil Khan (2019) The green state and industrial decarbonnisation, Environmental Politics, 28:5, 909-928, DOI: 10.1080/09644016.2018.1488484   And the abstract is This is absolutely FULL of the kind... Continue Reading →

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