Corporate Political Activity

By definition, CPA means “any deliberate firm action intended to influence governmental policy or process” (Getz, 1997, pp. 32-33) or, on a more strategic level, “a concerted pattern of actions taken in the nonmarket environment to create value by improving overall performance” (Baron, 1997, p. 146). [Mantere et al. 2009:105-6.]

Mantere, S., Pajunen, K. and Lamberg, J.-A. (2009). Vices and virtues of corporate political activity. Business and Society, 48, pp. 105–132.

See also Corporate Social Responsibility (of which there are so many kinds – political, new political, Habermasian political CSR, Rawlsian political…)

There is, of course, a huge huge literature on all of this.  Some personal favourites –

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