Activist pamphlet warning about climate change, November 2000

So, as per yesterday’s blog post about how those pretending to be the adults in the room are unable to admit that the dirty hippies were right, here’s an A5 leaflet from Rising Tide, the activist group that was trying to get a movement going about climate change…

They were at Den Hague, site of a 1989 climate meeting (it went nowhere, though fine words had been spoken). This, the sixth Conference of the Parties (CoP – we’re now up to 28) was against the backdrop of the US election, the one that George HW Bush’s Supreme Court pals decided in favour of his son (remember ‘hanging chads’?). Regardless of who was going to win, the likelihood was that the new US administration of Bore or Gush would keep slowing things down, diverting into non-solutions like carbon trading (the Kyoto Protocol, negotiated in 1997, had included a lot of stuff – over European resistance/skepticism – about carbon trading and “joint implementation” – that’s explained on the back of the leaflet.

We’re so screwed. We were warned. We’re so so screwed.

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