Jubloggling #01 – Day 02/64 – juggling, erm, my balls

I hit myself in the testicles with the handle of a juggling club.

Got your attention?

First up, this isn’t some kink (there ARE people, if you read Dan Savage you’ll know this, who get off on this). This was accidental and to the level of that uncomfortable laughter just short of tears. Secret men’s business.

I had caught the fat end of a club while trying to do something ‘clever’ while juggling 3 clubs. Ouch.

As per a page on my site (this page), between yesterday and end of November (64 days) I am going to graduate to juggling

a) five balls (in a basic cascade pattern)

b) four clubs (basic fountain pattern).

To achieve this I need to go out every day and

a) do focussed juggling practice (no point playing One Test Thirty Times, as Shane Warne said of Monty Panesar)

b) not damage myself

There will be videos and stuff. Metaphors and sententious bullshit. Those of you who know me know that that is how I roll.

If you live in Staffordshire and juggle, do get in touch. If you know somebody who lives in Staffordshire and juggles, get in touch.

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