No fry-up yet – sad emoticon….25th April – delardification post

Another week, another blog post about what has (and has not) been achieved)

This one covers

  • weight loss
  • new fitness gigs
  • reading and researching I’ve done

First the numbers

ParameterNumbers and burblings
Weight last week117.7 (on Monday, after 12 laps)
Weight this week117.1 (Sunday, after 12 laps)
Weight loss (or gain obvs)0.6kgs
Kgs to target (100kg: not the hardest calculation ever)17.2
Percentage of original body weight now shed.21.93333
Laps of Alex Park yomped in last week18
Kilometres run2.2
Upper body sessions3
Peer review articles abt weight loss/weight loss maintenance stuff read2
Cumulative total of articles read2
Other comments not bad!

So close but so far. I thought/hoped I might hit 116.3kgs, which is the next Big Milestone. At which I can have my milestone fry-up… But it was not to be. My last chance to hit even that milestone comes next Thursday, when I do another yomp (6 or 8?)

Anyway, did some more upper-body stuff than I have in the past weeks, and feel good for it.

Need to step up a bit on the free weights though!

Deliberately restricted myself to two 1.1m runs today- probably could have done further, but I have learned the hard way that pushing too hard and fast is likely to end with niggles/injuries. Not 20 anymore. Trying to do some adulting, in other words (including warm up and cool-down/stretches).

BP is okay – 120/86 – but will hopefully improve further (in context, my systolic has come down quite a lot in the last few months).

The two articles I read were okay – one about weight loss read a little too like an advert for some new “fat-burning” medications, but the second, on weight loss maintenance was good – turns out there are no magic bullets…

Meanwhile there was a good piece in the Grauniad about the (mis)use of BMI as a crude gatekeeping mechanism.

This week- more of the same – more upper body stuff than I’ve been doing (esp deltoids, biceps, IR pecs, upper traps) and two runs of either 1.5km or if I am feeling foolish/invincible, 2.2kms.

And maybe a fry-up on Thursday and a special gloat-y boast-y blog post…

One thought on “No fry-up yet – sad emoticon….25th April – delardification post

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  1. Yes, don’t take the BMI stuff too seriously. I have a 6’5” son who, while not sylph-like, is certainly not obese, though if you went by his BMI you would expect him to be. It just doesn’t work for big tall men.

    Margaret Lee

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