Past the (or this) plateau! #delardification

Another week, another blog post about what has (and has not) been achieved in Operation Delardification. For those new – in October 2019 I got on the talking scales and they said “one at a time please.” I was 20kgs heavier than I would have guessed – i.e. 150kg. Sure, can blame “obesogenic” environments,and go on blood pressure pills. Or I could, you know, undertake non-surgical delardification. So far so good. A so-so 2020 (down to 133kg and then up to 141/2). 2021, with many yomps of Alexandra Park while wearing a weighted jacket and a backpack with 20kgs of bricks, has proved somewhat more success. Blood pressure is now normal/healthy, I’ve shed 20% of the initial body weight (i.e. 30kg) and maybe- just maybe – can get to 99.9kgs by end of July. (Probably will miss this target, but I am not yet ready to give up on it).

Last week I was kvetching about being “stuck” around 121kg for a long time. I got some supportive feedback about this (thanks). The good news is that I seem to be past that particular plateau – though there will probably be others ahead… This blog one covers

  • weight loss
  • new fitness gigs/ideas
  • reading and researching I’ve done/will do

First the numbers

Weight last week119.8kg (post 12 laps on Sunday 11th)
Weight this week117.7 (post 12 laps on Monday 19th – I missed the Sunday because my wife and I stayed up late on Saturday binge-watching The Good Place. That and a strong G and T left me unwilling to try 12 laps! On Weds 14th I did 8 laps and weighed in at 117.4
Weight loss (or gain obvs)Loss 2.1kg
Kgs to target (100kg: not the hardest calculation ever)17.7
Percentage of original body weight now shed.21.6
Laps of Alex Park yomped in last week20
Kilometres run1 (whoop – first in yonks, and it’s a LOT easier to run at 120kg than it is at 130kg)
Upper body sessions2
Peer review articles abt weight loss/weight loss maintenance stuff read0 (see below)
Cumulative total of articles read0
Other commentsNot a bad effort. See below

So, I didn’t do a Friday yomp because I ran instead, albeit just 1km. Last time I started running I did something to a hamstring (right?). Probably from doing too much too soon. So, new rule. Gonna run just twice a week, keeping to the same distance, and going up in 1km increments per week. Oh, and gonna warm up and cool down (I know, I know, adulting) I’m not going to attempt more than 8km until my weight is under 110kg (this is probably going to take me 2 months).

I bought some colourful resistance bands and will therefore add to the existing upper body stuff I do at another local park (pecs and lats) with some other stuff. I am putting on a small amount of lat dorsi bulk, which is nice…

I seem not to be reading anything yet, or at least, blogging it/making videos. So, in the next week I will read an article and make a video of it. It’s this – El-Zayat et al (2019) Physiological process of fat loss. Bulletin of the National Research Centre 43:208

My next fry-up is still a kilo and a half away (116.3) – I am allowing myself one when, under the “newBMI” scale, I drop from obese to “overweight”.

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