Sweet 17 (stone) and as close as can be to other milestones #delardification

My first 12 lap yomp in three weeks. Two weeks ago my faithful backpack disintegrated on lap one, and I didn’t get a replacement for a few days. Then, out of – idleness? the seduction of failure? – something, I didn’t do 12 laps last Sunday. Today, I knew I had to get back on the horse.

It was no fun. The last lap, at least. That was just a brutal will-power thing, with a conscious and concerted effort not to sit down on any of the enticing park benches.

It’s done. I got home. I was 113.5kg (dehydrated), which puts me under 18 stone for the first time in god knows how long (15 years? more?). And if I had been 113.4kg, well that would have been a milestone of a) getting to 250 pounds, also losing 10 “Old” BMI points. The next “big” milestone (and I am gonna allow myself a fry-up then) is 112.5kg, because at that point, I’ve lost 25% of my original body weight.

I’m still overweight. There’s still a way to go (13.6kgs, obvs). There’s the running too – I gotta start doing more of that.

My BP is coming along nicely – today was 117/80, which ain’t bad for a 50 year old guy.

What am I learning about myself?

  • That I can be a stubborn mofo when I put my mind to something.
  • That Dr Wifey, with her psychic ability to have a cold squash with icecubes and painkillers ready, is awesome. (I knew this)
  • That I don’t have the mental stamina/organisation to talk throughout, though I’d like it (today I narrated on laps 1 to 3, 7 and 10).

Here’s a screengrab of a bit of one of my metrics. I am behind on my target dates, but they were always aspirational…. Red in the notes column is when I allow myself a fry-up…

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