New Year, same goals (ish) – Write more, shift lard, juggle etc. #ExtremeNarcisissism #Delardification

First half of last year I lost a load of weight. I’d come back from a trip to Australia having regained almost a third of what I’d been working hard to lose. On December 28th 2020 I was at 138kg. On May 30th 2021, just before another trip to Oz, I was down at 113.5kg. And now… I am back at 123.8kg, for amodified BMI of 31.92 (obese).

SO, back on the a) daily weigh-ins b) long yomps (with voice recorder!) with the intention of getting back to 113.5kg by 31st March 2022, and then keeping on going down to 105 by end of July (I’ve learned the hard way that it gets harder and harder – for metabolic and psychological reasons – to shift the kgs closest to your “ideal” weight). Will blog about this on a weekly basis. Will re-read various academic articles about this, blog intermittently on the subject.

ALSO though, while we are talking physicality: I’ve been teaching myself to juggle – currently 3 balls and some 4 ball stuff. I intend to learn 3 new tricks a month for a few months. Will blog about this too… Play your cards right and there might even be some vids…

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