Letter in Advertiser, abt energy transitions

Letter in Advertiser today (29 April)

Two fascinating articles in the Advertiser yesterday. First in “Auf wiedersehen, Pete” (congrats to whoever came up with that headline, btw) we learn that SA Premier Peter Malinauskas is continuing the work of South Australia’s political leaders – dating back to Mike Rann – in seeking advantages for the State in renewable and clean energy.  If Tom Playford were around, he’d approve (he was, after all, the man who nationalised the Adelaide Electric Supply Company, to create ETSA, in the teeth of fierce opposition from his own party. 

In the “energy transition” though, there will be winners and losers. I hope the 100 workers at the Torrens Island gas power station are successful in pressuring the Federal government for a National Energy Transition Authority (Coal, gas workerss’ job plea’ by Gabriel Polychronis) We need to act faster than we are, making sure workers are not thrown to the wolves if we are to have a viable future.

Dr Marc Hudson

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  1. Marc, I could not agree more, “we need to act faster than we are”. Both our Federal & Sate governments are far too slow. The old saying “act in haste & repent at leisure”, is all so true, the transition away from fossil fuels should have started 20 years ago! Why didn’t it? Because both the major political parties were scared of a public backlash.
    It should have been mandated that ALL new dwellings were built with sola panels & heat-pumps, the cost on a new building would be minimal, compared to the over all cost.
    Sadly, it’s now all too late, the next 10-20 years are going to be tough on all of us.

    1. Yes to all that. South Australian government (Rann) less terrible than most, doing what it could within constraints of Howard at Federal level. Bob Carr showed signs of life too. On the whole though, the ferocious anti-renewables/anti-sanity campaign run by the fossil fuel lobby was fantastically successful. And as you say, it’s going to get very tough very soon…

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