All the way around Adelaide on Yomp 2…

Yomp #02

0645-1020 on 19 04 2023 = 215 mins

18kgs of weights in the backpack

A mere 24 photos, the least unusable of which are below.

The second yomp was just as much fun (and even more knackering – up hill and a bit further) than the first one. Some very loud and colourful birds out there. Almost got squashed jaywalking (muppet death that would have been, but at least I am insured). Other than that, not much to report – pictures below. Have realised that the goal for the next few weeks should be to increase distance walked, and perhaps a bit more weight (20kg?) so that when I go home, I am back to being able to do 5 plus hours (as I was doing in 2021). And therefore that would mean either some weird double loop of North Adelaide OR the opposite direction (which has the benefit of more hills). Fewer birds on that option, though there was this one time I had roos loose in the top paddock….

As for today, the first photo is me trying to catch the big metal bird (Singapore Airlines) and failing. Then magpies, a duck and galahs.

And here’s a falcon (as in, the classic car), fwiw, parked in North Adelaide.

And then some random other stuff. I have no idea what the sign “No Step” means…

I am pretty sure I saw a coot diving for breakfast. And here’s some of a Weeping Angel. I did not blink.

And some rosellas, rainbow lorikeets, feeding their bairns, I think? Or is it the wrong time of year for that?

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