Purple Swamphens have white bums and other facts! Yomp #04

Yomp #04

0710-1215 on 04 05 2023 = 305 mins

18kgs of weights in the backpack

Well, that’s the longest yomp I have done since about the middle of 2021, when I was relatively SuperFit. I am not yet SuperFit – it will take another 6 months of regular yomping at this distance/time on a weekly basis, with other stuff in between. But it is doable.

Across the South Parklands, down the West Parklands (so, clockwise rather than counterclockwise), up around North Adelaide, then down past Adelaide Oval and along the path next to the Torrens – moorhens, purple swamphens, what I thought were coots but probably weren’t (what I saw had properly webbed feet), a pelican, then back on the south bank of the Torrens, through the Botanic Gardens, and up through the East Parklands, including around the wetlands. I thought this would take about 4 and a half hours and mean that I’d be faced with the decision of whether to screw my courage to the sticking place and deliberately overshoot the house for an extra bit of time. But nope, the whole thing clocked in at 305 minutes. Next time, a couple of extra kilos of weight in the back pack, a properly fully charged phone and a slightly longer walk…

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