Letter in ‘Tiser about stupid XR criticism

There are LOTS of reasons to be critical of XR. No doubt. But when you set up strawmen and regurgitate petro-propaganda, you waste everyone’s time. Letter in the Adelaide Advertiser today.

The letter offering free advice to Extinction Rebellion (“Plastic Problem”, Advertiser, 9 May) was a classic of its type. It finishes with the profoundly silly claim “no oil equates to stone age”. This is a line that oil and gas companies have – understandably – pushed since after World War Two. They deepened their persuasion efforts considerably with the coming of the climate change issue in 1988, since renewable energy is a threat to any oil company that can’t – or won’t – switch to becoming an energy company.

Ironically, the letter was published on the 7 year anniversary of the last coal power plant closure in South Australia. And yet here we are, with electricity enough to read the paper and send in letters to a newspaper that is still being published. Some stone age!

Dr Marc Hudson

2 thoughts on “Letter in ‘Tiser about stupid XR criticism

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  1. Marc, your letter highlights the problem we face. Fossil Fuels lifted the western world to where we are,
    as a result many have their money and lifestyle invested in it. The change to “clean energy” scares many, who see a financial loss. Add to this, the fact that is this country, our political parties are handling the transition badly. As I have declared previously, both Labor and the Coalition should have engaged with “clean energy” 20 years ago.
    While it is hard to accept, the government is the voice of the people, when our governments fail, it means we have failed.

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