Of moorhens, #parklands and 3 hour yomps

Yomp #01

0755-1105 on 13 04 2023 – 190mins

18kgs of weights in the backpack

60 photos taken (the least unusuable ones are on display below).

Galahs, moorhens (WHOOP), sulfur-crested cockatoos “etc”

The first yomp of the Adelaide visit is done, and it was a corker. What follows is a bunch of photos, digressions and so on.

First photo is of this sulfur-crested cockatoo on a telephone wire, hanging on that South Australian innovation, the Stobie Pole.

Noisy beggars, and I have the impression quite smart too.

Even staid old Adelaide (“World’s Biggest Country Town”) has its Proudhonist propaganda…

They’re making nice wetlands in the South Parklands

And lots of trees, which are habitats, obvs

Oh, and look, a bin chicken (aka “ibis”). I could be wrong, but I do not recall ibises in Adelaide in the 1980s…

And here are a couple of gorgeous Moreton Bay Figs.

And some fruitbats!

And the Torrens, where some helpful Vice Cops gave Adelaide Uni Law Lecturer George Duncan an impromptu swimming lesson, back in 1972. And killed him (he couldn’t swim), sparking such outrage that South Australia became the first State to decriminalise homosexuality.

And blow me down if I didn’t see some moorhens, bigger than their sickly British cousins. Am I allowed to feed them? I shall find out…

And there’s always time for some Luddie Wittgenstein…

All sorts of helpful information boards about the place, too… For instance


And this one, about homeless people being so desperate in the Great Depression… thank goodness nowadays we run our economies for the benefit of ordinary people, not billionaires…

I will do more photos of further yomps – bet you can’t wait, but for now here are some more birds – the long-billed corellas

Here’s the first half of my route, in red, from the entirely sustainable and moral mode of transportation I took to get to Adelaide…

Btw, if you are in Adelaide, and you’re interested in getting together with other people who are fighting the endless attempts to chip away at the Parklands, to “develop” them etc, you could do worse than join groups like APA and SECRA. They have an event on April 29, 2023,

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  1. Interesting, there is a switch yard in Hattah Victoria constructed with Stobie poles. Their strength varies, in one plane they are seen as an Intermediate, turned 90 degrees and they become a Strain pole. My biggest mistake was not knowing that years ago.

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