Dog Day late morning, with Igor and Mabel in Alexandra Park

I am doing a LOT of yomping around Alexandra Park (2km perimeter, according to GoogleMaps). Mostly with 24 kilos of bricks and weights in a backpack held together with duct tape, while talking to myself on an ancient phone: I run the files through an online converter, and then through which transcribes my words into pearls of wisdom. Not strange at all. Why would you say that?

Dogs. There are lots of dogs. There’s Fred (idle), Presley (a tart) and… Igor and Mabel. We googled what dachshund means – Dach means badger. i.e. they were bred to get down and have a sett to (sorry, #there, #hadtouseit #rudenotto).

And, with humans’ permission, here the beauties are. They both like me, because I was given some doggie treats to give to them…

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