Paris changed everything. Erm #climate calamities continue

We’ll get to the climate calamity in a second, promise. First, some remedial Greek mythology:

Paris was “nice but dim”, and chosen to settle an acrimonious dispute between some powerful actors.  He fell head over heels with a rather beautiful creature,full of promise(s). For a little while everything seemed fine, but sadly, relationships broke down, there were accusations (proven) of cheating, and it was followed by prolonged and increasingly brutal acts of violence. War in fact.

You see where I am going with this, yes?

So, lots of fine words at and about Paris. One telling thing was that there was no atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases target in the document. Oh well.

In the week since then, while the ink dries? The planet fries- There is a heatwave in some place called Adelaide, and November was the hottest such month ever “by a huge margin”.

Of course. You knew this.

What you may not have spotted are the actions of three of the countries most responsible for climate change.

In Australia


In the United States

The Republicans overturned an export ban on oil – production is expected to soar.

In the UK

The greenest government ever just cut support for renewables and is allowing fracking under national parks.

That is all. Folks.

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