Juggling, Diem Carpeing, the wife, the apocalypse…

In the order they are in the title

I am loving getting half an hour or so of juggling (usually three clubs, sometimes 4 balls) in everyday, normally at the nearby park. Various people have commented/complimented me on my improved skills. I know feel “in control” of the three clubs, able to switch between patterns, speeds, recover from situations that would have seen all the clubs on the ground. It is just, well, fun. And I am metaphorising as I go, thinking through how to use the patterns to explain things – to myself and, potentially, other folks.

Will try to make some films…

So it comes back to carpe the diems, doesn’t it? Various people younger than me dying of brain cancer or covid or this or that or the other- as the wife and I remind each other, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is IT. And there are no guarantees that the increasingly fragile systems (atmospheric, agricultural, you name it) that have – at enormous cost to other species and future generations – made life so “good” (convenient, safe, etc) for my type of person, will last much longer. It could easily be Europe in 1346, or Vienna May 1914 – everyone assuming the future is going to be more or less like the past. And then it isn’t…

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