Encouraging words and help from senior academic

Bless the internet for enabling rapid free communication with clued-up people around the world (as someone just old enough to remember having to send letters to people and getting (with luck) a reply two or three weeks later, this is an under-noticed improvement in our lives.

I contacted a very senior (and also interesting – the two are not always the same thing) academic by email, once to blag an electronic copy of one of his latest pieces of work, another to say “look at ME, I’ve created pages about policy concepts“).  On both occasions I got rapid, gracious, helpful replies that are very encouraging.

He looked over my list of concepts and suggested (for starters) three more, which are now added.

Policy Bubbles
Policy Dynamics
Common Pool Resources

All three of which are important tools for my tasks around theoretical contributions to the Dialectical Issue LifeCycle Model, so huzzah!

And here is a list of other concepts that need (and now have) pages. Additional suggestions welcome!!

Arenas (Hilfgartner and Bosk)
Critical Juncture
Discursive Institutionalism stuff
Evidence-based policy-making
Field Theory
LifeCycles models
Narrative Policy Framework
New Public Management
Path Dependency
Policy-based evidence making
Policy Paradigms (Hall)
Policy Stasis (compare hurtful stalemate)
Policy Transfer
Post Normal Science
Sociotechnical transitions
Super-wicked problems
Wicked Problems

Could also do sites for MLP
Strategic Niche Management
for DILC? TEF?

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