Checklist for before and after A Big Conference.

Recently I wrote an article (Hudson, 2022) [See link here – should get you through to it until November 2nd 2022]. Someone kindly got in touch and asked if there were an accompanying checklist. There wasn’t, but there is now. Or rather, there’s my version – take this below and make your own. On checklists – Atul Gawande is excellent (main point is that checklists DO improve performance, but we don’t use them because they make us feel/look like novices).


Gawande, A. (2009) The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. Metropolitan Books

Hudson, M. (2022) Unsolicited Advice on attending and staging academic conferences. Energy Research & Social Science.

Here’s the word doc. Download it, do with it as you wish. A citation back to me would be nice, but ain’t essential.

Here’s images, fwiw.

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