Upcoming event: Who unburied CCS in the UK? How?

On November 25th 2015, then-Chancellor George Osborne did something environmentalists can only dream of – he properly enraged the carbon capture and storage lobby.


He killed off a £1bn competition for 2 CCS projects.

Was this the end for CCS? It sure looked like it could be.

But exactly 3 years later, the UK government was hosting an international CCS conference.& expressing confidence in the technology, which it continues to support.

What happened?

On Tuesday 27th September, 1pm GMT @marcsrhudson of @spru (at Uni of Sussex) presents research on how CCS was unburied:

who did what, who deployed what ideas/arguments to convince the UK govn to change its mind (back) to support.

Free, but registration required.

Link here-


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