Social Media Advice for Conferences

A while back I went to a “how to ‘do’ social media for (academic conferences).  Typed up stuff and… left it on my desktop…

Good advice includes;

  • start early
  • have a separate email address (also makes it easier to get a twitter account)
  • don’t overcommit to stuff (if you’re not populating a blog/updating a twitter feed, then it’s worse than useless…)
  • don’t bother with facebook for academic purposes
  • Interesting decision to just have a hashtag, rather than an account – could work!

They talked about

  • blogging/websites – weebly, wordpress, blogspot
  • then facebook, twitteresque then eventbrite
  • Finding images – discussion of permissions (online and meatspace being different beasts)
  • Flickr, John Rylands Library Image service

Stuff I didn’t know well/at all

That list of what we knew

facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, pinterest, pblobspot, googleplus, linkedin, wordpress, mendeley, snapchat, youtube, ,

I didn’t mention Grindr

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