Australian #climate wrecking is a bi-partisan, long-term thing. Or “Abbott is not unique”

Here's what the excellent books by Guy Pearse and Clive Hamilton about the Australian government's climate policy under John Howard miss(1); during the premiership of Paul Keating, much loved for his views on Aboriginal reconciliation, Labor was also a "blocker" on climate change, both domestically and internationally. The reason is pretty simple. It's four letters.... Continue Reading →

Stepping up 14 December 2014: innovation, coal, the AGGG

Gonna see if insta-commenting helps me retain factoids post-reading-on-the-stepper... Finished off "Emerging challenges for science, technology and innovation policy research: a reflexive overview" (Research Policy 38,: 571-582. Brain stretching stuff – this, among others, was gold - "For example, Weick (1995) recounts a story told by the Hungarian Nobel Laureate, Albert Szent-Gyorti, about a small... Continue Reading →

Why advertisers make us look at animals

We miss animals. We don't hang around with them so much any more (1). George Monbiot has written with his customary brilliant synthesis of fact and theory about the costs of this. So, on the stepper at the gym this morning, halfway through an excellent article called “Increasing Returns, Path Dependence and the Study of... Continue Reading →

Sidney St Cafe – v. cool. #Manchester

So, we went here for Friday lunch. Super-friendly, super cheap and cheerful.  Definitely worth supporting this place, trying out everything on the menu. They also have a library of zines and books (including lots of those cool Women's Press books with the zebra spines). There's a call-out for zines about LGBT/feminist themes, and I think... Continue Reading →

Another word is possible

Winston could not intermittently remember why the pain was happening. Behind his screwed-up eyelids a forest of fingers seemed to be moving in a sort of dance, weaving in and out, disappearing behind one another and reappearing again. He was trying to count them, he could not remember why. He knew only that it was... Continue Reading →

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