Dr Juggles and the Energy Quadrilemma

Using juggling as a metaphor for dealing not only with the energy “trilemma” – of security of supply, price and climate change, but the energy quadrilemma – all the other environmental problems too…

Rough as a badger’s… bottom, but you get the idea. You’re allowed to a) laugh (at/with/whatever – we all need a laugh) and b) critique.

2 thoughts on “Dr Juggles and the Energy Quadrilemma

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  1. It is said “if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”. What I keep repeating has always been the truth. Our politicians keep dropping the balls, yet we keep re-electing them!
    The juggling act will become ever harder as a result of GROWTH, two balls will become four and so on. Let’s stop juggling, grow some balls and attack GROWTH.

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