Spoof newspaper in the aftermath of Climate Camp (2006)- “Socialist Lurker”

So, there was a trend in the late 1990s and early 2000s for activists to do spoof newspapers – Metro, Evening Standard, Manchester Evening News, Financial Times. These varied in wit and skill, and usually met with, well, injunctions and so forth. But they were entertaining for a moment or two.

In the aftermath of Climate Camp in 2006 I decided to spoof the SWP’s dire “Socialist Worker” newspaper, and then hand them out at the “what next” meeting in Manchester. I do have a full physical copy lying around somewhere (god I need to clear out some stuff).

But for now, this bit of it will do – the front page story about how climate change was actually worse than the mainstream models – that it was happening not just faster than the scientists had predicted but, in some cases, faster than they had thought was possible.

Thank goodness that the climate campers on that October weekend in Manchester didn’t (get) stampede(d) into thoughtlessly doing another big camp the following year, setting the tragic trajectory for yet another boom and bust cycle. I mean, that would have been an avoidable tragedy with consequences for the whole movement…

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