MASSIVE NERD confession – or “the physicality of archives”

It’s time for me, at age [redacted] to come out.

I’ve been living a lie for too long, denying who I AM, to others, to myself.

There’s been a period of shame, embarrassment stretching back (checks notes)… hours.

At about 1030 today, in the central library special collections reading room, I realised that I am … a massive archives nerd.

The signs were there – those trips to Canberra to sit in the National Library of Australia’s reading room. Similar trips to the British Library. And to the Science Museum. And to the Working Class Movement Library. And to the University of Manchester special collections. And to the…

You all knew, didn’t you? Why didn’t any of you tell me? Why did I have to struggle to this understanding myself?

What tipped me over the edge was, in the end, simple, as it so often is in these situations. It was some weighted fabric disks and a kind of snaky thing that the librarian issued me because he brought out (there was an error somewhere, somehow) a big box of rolled up (scrolls) maps.

I knew straight away that there was a catalogue foul-up (mine? theirs? it hardly matters, does it).

I just had to look. I just had to embrace my Fabulous Nerd Identity.

So I did.

Photos or it didn’t happen, I hear you say. Well. Here you are.

I am Doctor(1) Marc Hudson. I am a massive nerd.

There, I said it.

(1) not the kind that helps people

2 thoughts on “MASSIVE NERD confession – or “the physicality of archives”

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  1. Did you use the Australian Archives when you were here? Did you know we are at great risk of losing many of the archives stored on unsafe media because the government prefers to spend $500m. promoting war at the War Memorial instead of preserving our archives by funding them adequately.

    Margaret Lee

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