Based on very limited experience.
What other tips do people have?

A quick google finds these

21 Tips for creating a successful writing collaboration

5 tips (very little overlap)

This looks good too

Here’s mine

  • Big things
    Be very clear about what you are trying to write (which questions you are trying to answer, what arguments you are trying to make)
  • Who is going to write which bits (and by when)?
  • Who is going to “lead” – what privileges and responsibilities does that entail? Or is there no ‘leader’. That can work – but who then is the ‘co-ordinator’?
  • When are you going to meet? Where? (How often). Why? (Different reasons at different stages of the process)
  • What must be completed BEFORE you meet (e.g. drafts sent)?
  • What are all the key dates (for drafts to be ready). Work backwards from the final deadline…
  • Who are the external people who will look it over? For style/typos and also for ‘facts/theories’. When do they need to have it?
  • What kinds of online collaboration tools are you going to use?
    Googledocs? Something else?
  • What happens if people miss their deadlines?  What happens if they keep missing deadlines?

Little things.
Be very clear about what the referencing format for the journal in question is.
American spelling or UK spelling (the s/z issue)

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