Birds, Balls and Ran – Day 3/67

Got up early to do my first upper-body exercise post-quarantine. Various deltoid, pecs, lats things with weights and the stretchy thing. Am going to have to feed the rabbit first though, because if a human comes into the garden at that time of the morning, it must be to feed him, right?

Watched Insiders with Pat and Julie – while it was great to see Barrie Cassidy again,the episode it was mostly lacking in verve or insight – not terribly unusual these days, nor surprising given some of the panellists. Nobody speculating on what all the other states are going to have to do as the NSW outbreaks multiply (dig a moat, fill it with alligators). Insiders is just not what it was – I wouldn’t be watching if it were just for the info…

Went and had my tonsils/carina tickled as my responsible-citizen-three-days-outa-quarantine thing [result just came back – negative]. Sat in Rymil Park in the parklands and finished off Laura Tingle’s Quarterly Essay, and said no to a handsome begging duck. I don’t think he understood that bread is bad for him. Did some juggling practice – cascade and reverse cascade (three balls only). Walked across to the rather beautiful Botanic Gardens (established 1855).

Took some photos (a couple of Ibises with scraggly ruffs and something with very big feet),

read half of a play – “The Floating World”.

The Kurosawa film, “Ran” was every bit as epic and brilliant as I’d heard. Very glad to have seen it on an enormous screen (I’ve had bad luck in that particular screen). Walked back to the house, buying some glue to try to fix my super-annuated trainers… Hanging out with the parentals and neighbours.

An early night because getting up early for the toe-marbles…

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