Spiralling out of control (Covid, not me (yet)) Day 4/67

What to say? Watching the Delta virus begin to rip through Sydney. Maybe if the Premier had not spent most of last year sneering at the Victorian Premier? Maybe she might have learnt some lessons? But she couldn’t resist, and was egged on by the Murdoch press, the id of the world. Ids get you killed. These ids are gonna get a lot of people killed. If I didn’t have two AstraZenecas already, I’d be more worried than I am… It’s gonna cause a prolonged lockdown in NSW, and it will require undeserved good luck to avoid a nationwide (well – excepting WA and Tas – they should be able to cope) spread.

Was amusing to watch Kevin “Relevance Deprivation Syndrome” Rudd leak his “I talked to Prizer” letter to the ABC’s Laura Tingle, who dutifully ran with it. And to watch Morrison et al go into perception management mode, denying something Rudd never said, and then to watch Pfizer try to run for cover (they must hate being stuck in the middle).

We just don’t have the institutions to cope with this. Forty years of neoliberalism have not helped, but it’s not as if the old order, paternalistic, patriarchal, elitist, racist Keynesian bureaucracy, was exactly nimble and intelligent. We’re toast.

In other news – did 3.6km with my 25kg backpack (thought I was doing 4km, but nope, my wetware let me down). Wrote some stuff – getting closer to submitting a couple of articles. Did some Climate Emergency Manchester grunt work. Finished off John Romeril’s “The Floating World” – want to read that again!

This was not the busiest day of my life, but that is okay, I guess…

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