I definitely didn’t buy any books. Why do you ask? Day 1 of 67 out in about in Oz…

Got out of quarantine today. Picked up by my mum. Fed the rabbit a grape. Took the bike for an overdue service.

Definitely did not buy the following books at various charity shops

  • Checkov – Five Plays (Ivanov, The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, The Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters)
  • Guiseppe di Lampedusa The Leopard
  • Michael Frayn The Tin Men
  • David Suzuki Metamorphosis: Stages in a Life
  • Doris Lessing The Memoirs of a Survivor
  • Four English Comedies (Volpone, The Way of the World, She Stoops to Conquer and
  • The School for Scandal)
  • Shirley Jackson The Haunting of Hill House
  • Joan Barthel Love or Honour: The True Story of an Undercover Cop who fell in love with a Mafia Boss’s Daughter
  • Greek Mythology (a 1964 translation of Felix Guirand’s text)

Lunch with my mum in Unley Shopping Centre. Bought a second bag that will get shredded because it will be filled with bricks and weights (the first one I bought is just too nice)

Wrote some stuff

Read the first 30 pages of Nevil Shute’s brilliant “Requiem for a Wren”. As good as I remember…

Next door neighbours came around, which was lovely. I got to expound my “Simon Birmingham as the agreed ‘Stop Dutton’ candidate in the forthcoming LibSpill.

On the news it seems to have finally dawned on the New South Wales Premier that virus go viral. Maybe if she hadn’t spent all of last year gloating and smearing the Victorian Premier, she would have had more room to manouevre, and more appetite for an early lockdown when it could have mattered. Sending in mounted police as a show of force in ethnically diverse areas is such a good look, and bound to create trust and understanding. Oh yes.

So, either there is a hard border with New South Wales until it gets its act together (which won’t happen) or else … Delta gets loose in other states and (probably) overwhelms some health care systems. Fun times….

Meanwhile, tomorrow, more actual writing of the stuff I want to write…

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