Riding the Rocket Ship to Mars – the surprisingly old elite dream of escape from climate change

“The common man (sic) “must not come to see nature as a mine and his future salvation as a rocket ride to Mars…” So came the warning in 1968, in an issue of Nebraska Law Review

The Necessity to Change Man’s Traditional View of Nature” by Earl Finbar Murphy, 1968

I don’t know what particular batshit crazy notion of “escape” Murphy was responding to – perhaps he was merely riffing on Ray Bradbury‘s excellent “The Martian Chronicles.”

Anyway here we are, the best part of two generations later, and the Musk-ovites are fantasising about just what Murphy feared and warned about – the witless dream of a rocket ride to Mars, where it will all magically be different, better, because “technology.”

Of course, rich people bugging out at the first sign of danger goes back to well, any plague you care to mention. My amazing Dr Wifey was telling me just yesterday about laws in Dubrovnik, back in the day, that meant elite folks could not leave.

“The government banned members of the elite from leaving the city for their countryside vacation homes, attempting to cut off the spread. Punishment for disobeying was loss of status as nobility.”

From here.

Meanwhile, on climate – well, I need to be writing academic articles on this topic and others – for now I will merely point to Ben Elton’s unjustly neglected novel Stark from 1989. Spoiler – that’s the big reveal.

And maybe, if we tell Elon he can’t go, he might start taking this planet a little more seriously? (to be crystal clear – our plutocrat overlords are a symptom as well as a cause.)

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