Meso-aggressions: sassy, feisty, “proles can read? well done you” etc.

Very quickly –

People like me (white, middle class, cishet male, all the other privileges) usually don’t get – long-term – how exhausting it is to be constantly reminded of your place in the “pecking order” (blah blah Aristotle Great Chain of Being etc).

The word “sassy” – aimed at young black women.

The word uppity – needs no introduction

The word “feisty”

But it also goes along with “jokes”, doesn’t it, chummy stuff which is meant in a friendly way, but is a reminder of class status and assumptions about ignorant proles who’ve lifted themselves up from their dirty dirt, and know how to read, albeit with their lips moving, and the ash from their fags falling onto the page.

There is a demonstration effect here too, not just the symbolic violence at the two individuals – a warning to stay in your lane/not get, well “uppity.”

Yes, as I get old, and reflect on my past (present and future, sadly) behaviour, I am becoming humourless. So it goes.

Meanwhile, for anyone caught in the chains of the Great Chain of Being, well, the beatings continue, and morale is not improving.

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