Dolphins want you to do capitalism better

You read it here first. Or second, if you get the FT Weekend and say the advert in “FT Money” on August 27th. (It may be one they have been running for a while).

Got your sickbag ready?

No, seriously, this is your first and last trigger warning.

I could insert something here about how capitalist ideologues try to tell you that capitalism is ‘natural’ (Fable of the Bees etc etc) and that they even improve on nature (my ol’ concept of ‘nulture’).
I could even dig out that advert of the four dolphins in the car that was jumping out of the water (no, seriously).

I could ask “why dolphins?” but the answer is obvious – they ‘smile’ and so on. They are charismatic megafauna.

But time is short and here we are in the last years (maybe we have decades?) before the wreckage properly starts piling up, like in end game of Tetris. And these are the stories rich people are telling talented graphic designers to tell other rich people. You have to weep, don’t you?

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