STRN announces partnership with Bilderberg Group

The Sustainability Transitions Research Network today proudly announces a Mutual Love Partnership  (MLP) –  with the influential Bilderberg Group.

The STRN, which has been in operation for almost a decade, acts as a platform for the exchange of ideas and a forum for chest-beating and prestige battles. It will be subsumed within the Bilderberg Group, which has been in operation for more than fifty years, and performs much the same functions for the international capital class.

Details of the partnership are still being worked out, but observers, speaking on condition of anonymity, predict that the STRN’s meetings will move to more exclusive and well-heeled venues, while the Bilderberg Group, made up of large incumbent actors, will harness the academic credibility of the STRN

Jochen Markard, co-ordinator of the STRN, explained
“Ever since the idea of “Transition Management” was shown to be inadequate for really speeding a shift to sustainability, we’ve been looking for a new partner. This MLP is a marriage made in heaven.  Bilderberg members’ companies will be desperate after coronavirus settles to seem radical and caring. They can point to the STRN sponsorship as an example of being forward thinking, while writing off the trivial sums of money involved against their already minimal tax bills.  Meanwhile, we get to host our events in places like Davos, at proper 5 star hotels, instead of slumming around Manchester and Vienna.  Also, we can point to research impact by getting a banal quote from some CEO about how important our research into this or that niche actor is.”
Further details of the partnership will be released in due course, and members are being invited to submit abstracts for a conference entitled “Only Capitalism Can Save the World”, to be held in either Dubai or Mar-a-Lago.on 1st April 2021.

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