Books I absolutely did not buy today.

I went to a worthy (and fun) protest at which people closed their accounts with the Commonwealth Bank, because it (and the other three biggies) are saying they want to keep the world under the two degree warming target, which I wrote a short factual piece about, and will use to think more about mobilising versus movement-building etc.

Before this protest  started I definitely did not get a lift into town with my old man, and he did definitely not drop me off (as I definitely did not request) at the Oxfam Bookshop close to the protest meeting point.  And I did definitively, totally NOT buy the following books (prices in brackets), so I do not need to justify each purchase with a short explanation after each one.  Phew!

Cleary, J. 1995. Autumn Maze. London: HarperCollins (50c).  A Scobie Malone novel.  Fun undemanding cop novels with good observations on human nature…

Boyd, R. 1960. The Australian Ugliness. Melbourne: Penguin.  (50c) Early jeremiad about Australian cities.

1976-genesis-strategy-coverSchneider S. with Mesirow, L. 1976. The Genesis Strategy: Climate and Global Survival. New York: Plenum . ($2.50) first popular book on climate change?  Schneider was a dude.

Manne, R. 2011. Bad News: Murdoch’s Australian and the Shaping of the Nation. Quarterly Essay 43 ($1)  This would be especially Good for Thesis.

Hogarth, M. 2007. The Third Degree: Frontline in Australia’s Climate War. Melbourne: Pluto Press ($3).  This would be especially Good for Thesis.

1993-green-and-goldHancock, P. 1993. Green and Gold: Sustaining mineral wealth, Australians and their environment. Canberra: Australian National University. ($2) This would be especially Good for Thesis.

Benns, M. 2011. Dirty Money: The True Cost of Australia’s Mineral Boom. Sydney: Random House. ($3). This would be especially Good for Thesis.

World Commission on Environment and Development. 1987. Our Common Future. Australian Edition ($2.50). Ooh, foreword by Bob Hawke, and section on Australia by Commission for the Future bods. Crucially, this is BEFORE the climate issue blew up…

Channel 9. 1990. Earth Quest: The Family Guide to Protecting the Environment. Sydney: Random House. ($2).  Part of the whole 88-92 craze…

Munro, S. 2012. Rich Land, Wasteland: How coal is killing Australia. Sydney: Macmillan. ($3).  Good for Thesis…

Australian Journal of Political Science Vol. 26, (2), 1991.($2)

Spoehr J. (ed). 1999. Beyond the Contract State: Ideas for Social and Economic Renewal in South Australia. Adelaide: Wakefield Press. ($1). Stuff on electricity privatisation etc

Modjeska, D. (ed). 2006. The Best Australian Essays 2006.  Melbourne: Black Inc ($1)

Trenoweth S. 2013. Bewitched and Bedevilled. Women write the Gillard Years.  Melbourne: Hardie Grant Books. ($3).  Might be very good on the 2010-13 shenanigans around climate change.


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