Womjep plotholes

What’s womjep?  “Woman in jeopardy,” in which our heroine is beset on all sides by untrustworthy men, and is (usually) saved by her own nous but also seen and unseen heroic men. [I think I may owe it to Christopher Buckley, in his awesome ‘Thank You for Smoking’). The go-to example is the Julia Roberts film ‘ The Pelican Brief’.

I just read a book (when I SHOULD have been working… I feel guilty) called ‘Freefall‘. It’s one of Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole/Joe Pike novels, and of course it is fine – well-written, pacy etc.  But there is a gaping unexplained gap, one shared by the even more enjoyable film ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’.  What happens, at crucial moments, to the guy you’ve been lead to believe would rather go down in a hail of bullets than let harm befall the female?

In Freefall, the baddies get the girl when Joe Pike … well, it’s not explained. Was he getting his arrow tattoos on his deltoids retouched?  Were his sunglasses scratched?  In The Bourne Ultimatum, what happens to Tom?  Does he have to go collect the kids from school, leaving Pam Landy to do all that faxing herself?  Eh?

To be fair, these guys have plotted a few more air-tight thrillers than I have!

Right, back to work…

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