Explaining #climate in a pub – of duvets, sailing ships and coal…

Last night I got to do a ten minute “what is my research about” spiel at “PhD in the Pub.” It was followed by a slightly-less-than-20-minute q and a session (because I ‘donated’ some time from that to having folks confer before we began asking questions).

My spiel covered –

“meet someone you don’t know”
“explaining climate change – of Keeling curves and duvets”
“sailing ships and sociotechnical transitions”
“it’s a howdunnit, not a whodunnit or a whydunnit”

The q and a covered technology transfer, polar bears, vasectomies, bureaucracies,  feminism and much more.

Would love to know what you all  think.  If you are reading this on facebook, please comment on the blog (as well).

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