From hope to despair – Two Australian books book-ending the beginning of the end and the middle of the end…

This blog is about two books I have not yet read, but will do so with great interest.

They are (drum roll please)

The Way Out: Radical Alternatives in Australia (eds Margaret Smith and David Crossley), published in 1975, when we still had (false, it turned out) hope of big transformative change and

Summertime: reflections on a vanishing future by Danielle Celermajer, published in the aftermath of the 2019-20 Australian bushfires, now that we know we didn’t act, that the window for acting has basically closed, that all those dreams and hopes for a different future that we could believe in in 1975 are, well, burnt to a crisp.

And this

There is MUCH more to say about this. And so I will…

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