On juggling five balls and keeping two eyes

A renewed target – by close of play on Tues 28 February 2023 I will juggle five balls in a basic cascade pattern. I can juggle four balls relatively confidently and I know the drills I need to do. And I have enough discipline to do them…

Niels DuinkerInstructional videoTaylor GlennInstructional video
1High toss three ball cascades1Three ball flash
2Three-up (flash) with clap2Three ball at five ball height, maximum dwell time [accurate!]
3“Snake” from hand to hand (three balls in one hand, throw to other, while third is coming down, throw the first back…3Three ball at five ball height, minimum dwell time [accurate!]
4Four balls cross overs45-5-2
5Right left, left right5Five ball flash
6.Five ball flash
7.Seven throws

Meanwhile, when (not if) I return to three- club juggling (in the next couple of days) I will be wearing safety goggles, since I nearly blinded myself in my left eye last Saturday morning. I deliberately had clubs collide, and did not sufficiently consider what would happen next – POW, right in the see-er. Was very lucky that I have done no damage (afaik) except to my dignity. I want to end February closer to my goal of four club juggling, so will put in a certain amount of either hand doubles with two clubs…

Why am I doing all this?
It’s fun. It reminds me of how long it takes to be good at anything.

Having to pick up failures is good for the soul.

I may switch from academia to running away with the circus. There’s more job security, and it’s all clowning anyway.

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