A supermarket encounter, pondering charities as salesmen for Big Pharma

UPDATE – Aaaand a week later… “Critical elements of leading Alzheimer’s study possibly fraudulent” July 24th, 2022

Alzheimer’s Research UK having a stall and a couple of people at the Co-op -a young woman holding up an orange and as her practiced opening gambit asking me what’s the connection with Alzheimer’s? “Diet, class,” I say after some stupid joke about “I forget”, explain that it’s all linked, around life chances, nutrition, living conditions, stimulation etc etc

It turns out that they are shilling for an American drug that has had FDA approval so that it becomes available on the NHS.

I explained my reservations, my sense of danger for Alzheimer’s Research UK: they end up looking like salespeople for the drug company and then if the drug doesn’t work, they’ve tanked their credibility.

But it’s also incredibly difficult because people don’t give money to charities. And along comes Big Pharma with an open chequebook. It’s really hard to say no to that….

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  1. Strange, but I’ve had a lot of Emails from the USA Alzheimer’s Association recently. Someone is doubling donations. I don’t do donations in dollars, it can lead to problems. Also, a while back, I heard of this new Alzheimer drug, which is incredibly expensive, and totally ineffective, and which has been added to the Medicare approved drugs list. This has caused a hike in the Medicare subscription and there is a petition to get Biden to return the increased charges, which I have signed. It all sounds like the usual Big Phama scam!

    1. I googled – is it this- Aducanumab – As in “The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has now reviewed the data and in December 2021 made the decision to refuse the licence for this drug in Europe stating that there was currently insufficient evidence that Aducanumab was safe, effective and had clinical benefit for people living with Alzheimer’s disease.

      Aducanumab remains unavailable in Europe and the UK.” https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/blog/what-is-aducanumab-dementia-drug-people-with-alzheimers-disease

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