Books I will read and review in 2022, and why

Have moved house. Had to pack up one or two books and then unpack them. You’d think this would cure me of buying more. Ha ha ha ha.

It’s a damn pathology. I understand its roots, (I think), I understand the costs. I choose not to act to cure that pathology. Human, all-too-human.

But I can at least (try to) contain it, to shape and guide it. SO, from now, I will try to introduce some order into what I buy and what I read (Ha ha ha ha).

And so I make this list below to as a way of keeping myself less dishonest. The list is not exhaustive – I have a bunch of books borrowed from the University Library I shall have to add to it… But for now, this. It’s a crushingly white list. Will do better in future. Nb I reserve the right not to read them in the order of this list…

Book (title and author)Reason I am gonna readLink to review (and date)
1Utz by Bruce ChatwinIt was short?! It came recommendedReview published 15 April
2The Days of Darkness by Douglas OrgillI bought it recentlyReview published 18 April
3Weather War by Leonard Leokum and Paul Climate stuffReview published 18 April
4Desdemona – if only you had spoken by Christine Bruckner (trans Eleanor Bron)
That “writing back into history” thing mattersReview, 22 April
5Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor FranklClassic
6The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria TaylorI do not read enough womenReview 08 May
7The Clever Moron by Richard ScorerLibrary – love a good jeremiad
8The Blood of Others by Simone de BeauvoirDon’t know I’ve ever read any SdB?! And regret and responsibility is a big thing.
9All Men are Mortal by Simone de BeauvoirSdB
10The Ice Age by Margaret DrabbleReview 11 May
11Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi by Geoff DyerMet Dyer once, briefly. Seems smart, good guy.Review 22 May
12The Swimming-Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst
13Austerlitz by W.G. SebaldSebald was by all accounts brilliant. Need to read it alongside City of Angels by Christa Wolf
14City of Angels by Christa Wolfwolf is brilliant. Seroiusly so.
15Imaginary Friends by Alison LurieLurie is brilliant, and this is a satire about academics studying a cult…
16Nightmares of Eminent Persons by Bertrand RussellAh, Bertie!! Also, pen portraits of various folks
17The Seventh Enemy by Ronald HigginsBought ages ago. Recommended by someone I respect
18The Crimes of Olga Arbyelina by Andrei MakineMakine is brilliant
19La Testament Francaise by Andrei MakineMakine is brilliant
20Voices of Freedom: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement from the 1950s through the 1980sLots to learn from the Civil Rights Struggle
21Deadline by David LeitchLeitch a good journo
22Millennium edited by Anthony ColemanLast 1000 years, in 10 chapters. Why not
23Our Dumb CenturyThe Onion!
24Disaster! The Rise and Fall of News on SundayBought it recently
25Sold for a Spaceship by Philip E. HighBought it recently
26The Other Man: Conversations with Graham Greene by Marie-Francoise AllainBought it recently (well, was sent it in error)
27 and 28Medusa and “The Doomed Oasis” by Hammond InnesBought it recently
29The Black Tide by Hammond InnesBought it recently [eco-thriller]
30Sabotage by Fletcher KnebelBought it recently (same theme as The Black Tide – and Justin Scott’s “The Ship Killer” for that matter)
31Brother Esau by Douglas Orgill & John GribbinBought it recently
32The Climate Mandate by Walter Orr Roberts and Henry Lansford Bought it recently
33Climate and Man: From the ice Ages to the Global Greenhouse by Fred PearceBought it recently
34Offshore: A North Sea Journey by A. AlvarezBought it recently
35The Stasi Game by David YoungBought it recently
36Made in Britain: Why our economy is more successful than you think by Evan DavisBought it recently
37No love for Johnnie by Wilfred FienburghBought this recently. Abt MPs and disillusionment – from the 1950s…
38Make Russia Great Again by Christopher BuckleyBought this recently Have enjoyed his other novels!Review 27 April
39The Land of Green Plums by Herta MullerBought this recently
40The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody by Will CuppyBought this recently
41Stick It Up Your Punter!: The Uncut Story Of The Sun Newspaper by Peter ChippindaleThe history of the Scum newspaper… Will have horrifying anecdotes
42American Guerrilla: My War Behind Japanese Lines (Memories of War)
by Roger Hilsman
Bought this recently

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