Destroy our sense-making – of Cassandras, rotten apples and more

One of the easiest ways to win is to confuse your opponents so much that they simply don’t even know they are in a fight. Saves time and treasure if you can do this, obviously.

I could go on and ON about Gramsci this, hegemony that, blah de blah.

Let’s go for a couple of examples.

“Cassandra” – environmentalists getting accused of being “Cassandras”. For those who came late, in Greek mythology, Cassandra refused the “advances” of a god. Pissed off, he cursed her with the gift of prophecy (cool) but ALSO not to be believed (not so cool). So, she tried to tell the Trojans (she was one of the King’s daughers) NOT to bring the big horse within the walls. They ignored her. And this is the thing. All these idiots accusing “environmentalists” (what a weird stupid word that is) of being Cassandras are too stupid to understand that the ‘insult’ doesn’t work because CASSANDRA WAS RIGHT YOU MORONS.

And the term “rotten apple in the barrel” has been changed in its meaning. It now means “isolated incident” instead of “something you better sort out very quickly if you want any edible apples”. Doubtless the Charing Cross cops are being labelled “a few bad apples” in some not-very-bright PR flak’s press release/anonymous briefing as we speak.

All these terms, empty of meaning. Like “democracy” or “consultation” or, well, pretty much anything.
I know, others have said it better. So what, it bears saying again.

We are dementing. We are being demented.


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